Why Give Relics A Try?


At Relics our goal isn’t to change everything about SWG until it is barely recognizable.

Instead we’re going to focus on what made SWG great in the first place – its community.

For those of us who loved the game, the friends and rivals we met along the way are what made it so special.

So we’ll make some quality of life changes. And tweak some of the problems the original had (which you need to take off the rose-tinted glasses to see).

But then we are going to focus on exciting events that build into a greater storyline. We are going to do everything we can think of to recapture the feeling of having a home away from home on YOUR SWG server.

Yes. Your server. Too many folks like to remind you repeatedly you are on THEIR server. You aren’t a valued member of that server until people start leaving en masse. Then you get the emails inviting you back because they’ve changed.

We want all of our members to feel like Relics is their server as much as it is any founding member.

So if you’ve found yourself wanting to play SWG but never fallen in love with a server.

If you have bounced around and find yourself and your friends saying things like ‘yeah I don’t really love this server but …’ try Relics.

This server was founded by people who felt the same way once, and creating a server that encompassed exactly what we were looking for.

And in 10 years we hope you reminisce about the early days of Relics like you do SWG’s launch way back in 2003.


As a private server we have a lot power to tailor the game to our liking and create a unique playing experience for members of our community. A full list of changes are available on the Updates & Changes page.

  • 10x XP
  • 3 characters per account – all can be online at the same time. Gives you the variety to play how you like while making interaction with the community a must.
  • We are on the latest build of SWGEmu complete with Jedi, the Village, FRS, Knight Trials and the Corellian Corvette.
  • Galaxy-wide Relics chat integrated with Discord.
  • One account per household, unless cleared in advance.
  • All server business conducted in-game, via Discord or the website. No forums to register for.
  • Regular server events with light RP.
  • Battlefield PvP events – bringing tactical, campaign style player conflict to SWG.
  • Increased ‘draw distance’ – you’ll be able to see players, creatures and objects from much further away.
  • Ability to play with and against ‘hero characters’ during server events.
  • Monthly Campaign Events pitting Rebels vs. Imperials, with the story building from event to event, and player actions directly influencing the outcome.
  • Dedication to improving the planets we have and making every corner of them exciting and interesting. Challenging and rewarding revamped POIs, starting with the Gungan Sacred Place on Naboo. New POIs with applicable loot will be added regularly.
  • Buff terminals are available in all major cities and outposts. They are provided to ensure you can always play regardless of the availability of entertainers or doctors. With that in mind, buffs received from players will always be better.
  • Up to 10 missions can be taken at a time and solo groups are enabled.
  • Corellian Corvette is live.
  • Jedi available through a modified Village system. Knight trials enabled (FRS coming soon).
  • COMING SOON: Three ‘beta’ classes to provide an alternative to being a Jedi. Bounty Hunter Guild (FRS for BHs), GCW Ranking System (FRS for PvPers), Guardian of the Whills (force sensitive melee class).
  • Lowered skill point requirement for entertainer, musician, dancer, image designer and merchant.
  • Full Galaxy Harvester integration with daily updates directly from the server.
  • A collection of friendly, helpful and knowledgable players to adventure with!
Relics of Corbantis