The Force Is With You – Unlocking Jedi on Relics

Relics of Corbantis currently has a slightly customized Jedi unlock system, adding a few extra badges and ‘flavor’ leading up to the Old Man. However, after he makes his first appearance, your journey follows the standard village track. The village is set to change phases every 2 days at 6 p.m. Eastern. (A schedule is available on our ‘Events’ calendar).

In total, 40 badges are required before the Old Man will make a visit.

Location Badges

First, you’ll need to visit three locations strong with the force in the galaxy.

  • Ben’s Hut on Tatooine
  • Temple of Exar Kun on Yavin IV
  • Jedi Temple on Dantooine

You will also need to visit five dangerous locations that will put your life in peril.

  • Tusken Pool on Tatooine
  • Krayt Skeleton on Tatooine
  • Sarlacc Pit on Tatooine
  • Krayt Graveyard on Tatooine
  • Sarlacc on Dathomir

Finally, gain an appreciation and greater understanding of the galaxy by witnessing its unique beauty and mystery first hand.

  • Escape Pod on Tatooine
  • Lars Homestead on Tatooine
  • Gungan Sacred Place on Naboo
  • Amidala’s Beach on Naboo
  • Agrilat Swamp on Corellia
  • Grand Theater of Verni Island on Corellia
  • Woolamander Temple on Yavin IV
  • Blueleaf Temple on Yavin IV
  • Volcano on Lok
  • Kimogila Skeleton on Lok
  • Tarpit on Dathomir
  • Misty Falls on Dathomir
  • Rebel Base on Dantooine
  • Dantari Village on Dantooine
  • Creature Village on Talus
  • Aqualish Cave on Talus
  • Ewok Village on Endor
  • Dulok Village on Endor
  • Hyperdrive Facility on Rori
  • Kobola Spice Mines on Rori

Faction Theme Parks

Gain knowledge and the trust of two of the three major factions in the universe by completing their theme parks.

  • Jabba’s Theme Park
  • Imperial Theme Park or Rebel Theme Park

(No, you don’t have to do The Warren. You’re welcome.)

Profession Mastery

Master professions and gain knowledge that will be helpful to you as a padawan and, later, a Jedi Knight. You need to master 10, but we recommend you do the following:

  • Learn the basics of martial arts by mastering Teras Kasi.
  • Become familiar with armed melee combat by mastering Swordsman, Fencer, Pikeman and Brawler.
  • Learn to heal your wounds as a master Medic.
  • While uncivilized, learn the ways of the pesky blaster by mastering Marksman.
  • Learn the fundamentals of crafting by mastering Artisan.
  • Get to know the people of the galaxy by mastering Entertainer. Depending on your experience, this will likely help you decide whether you are a light or dark Jedi!
  • And finally become one with nature as a Master Scout.

Inner Glow

After acquiring each of the badges above, using /check should say “You feel an inner glow. The force is with you.”

At this point make sure you are outside any cities and wait for The Old Man to set you on your path toward becoming a padawan. After speaking to him, remain outside any cities and wait for two Sith acolytes to try and jump you. Make sure to loot their corpses and receive a waypoint datapad in your inventory. Head to the waypoint of their camp, kill and loot them once again. This will give you a waypoint and access to The Village.

The Village

From this point forward, you will follow the Village path to becoming a Jedi.

Some great guides are already available online.


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