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The following was originally posted on the SWG website. The original version is available in the SWG scrapbook.

Mysteries of Stats and Stat Migration

From the time you create your character you are immediately given the opportunity to change your stats and secondary pools. If you’re like many, myself included you were so interested in jumping in-game that you only really paid attention to the primary stats and got a general idea of what they were about and made a decision as to what you would like them to be at. As the game progressed you learned a little more and wanted to change them. This article will help you understand what the stats do and how to change them.

Lets start with the basics

What are the minimum and maximum stats that your specific race can have? Below is a table listing the race and stat pool minimums and maximums.

Race   Health Strength Con Action Quick Stam Mind Focus Will Total
Bothan Min 300 300 300 600 600 400 400 400 300 5400
Max 1000 500 400 1300 750 500 1100 600 500
Human Min 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 5400
Max 1100 1100 1100 1100 1100 1100 1100 1100 1100
MonCal Min 300 300 300 300 300 450 600 600 450 5400
Max 1000 500 400 1000 450 550 1300 800 650
Rodian Min 300 300 300 300 300 450 300 300 350 5400
Max 1000 500 400 1200 650 850 1000 500 550
Trando Min 550 600 700 300 300 300 300 300 300 5550
Max 1250 800 800 1000 450 400 1000 500 600
Twilek Min 300 300 550 550 600 300 400 300 300 5400
Max 1000 500 650 1250 750 400 1100 500 500
Wookiee Min 650 650 450 500 400 400 400 450 400 6100
Max 1350 850 550 1200 550 500 1100 650 600
Zabrak Min 500 300 300 600 300 300 300 300 700 5400
Max 1200 500 400 1300 450 400 1000 500 900
Ithorian Min 300 300 300 600 300 300 400 400 300 5400
Max 1200 500 400 1300 750 500 1200 600 600

What do the stats do for me?

There are three primary stats, Health, Action, and Mind. Each of these are the “How much of it I have” number. Each primary stat has two sub categories. The first is how efficient this stat is for me, the second is how fast will I get it back. These are described in further detail below:

  • Health is a primary stat; it is directly represented in your HAM (health, action, mind) bars and is the amount of physical damage your character can take before becoming incapacitated.
  • Strength refers to the ability to exercise brute force in physical activity, it is your efficiency stat. This effects how expensive any action requiring Health cost you. The higher this stat, the cheaper, point wise, your actions are.
  • Constitution is the measure of your ability to recover from damage, your regeneration stat, or how fast you will recover health. The larger this number the faster you regenerate.
  • Action is a measure of how rested your character is. As you grow tired, you will see your Action points being depleted. It is a primary stat directly represented in your ham bar and is the amount of Action damage you can take before you become incapacitated.
  • Quickness is the measure of your characters fitness; it is the stat that effects how much of the action pool you use for abilities requiring action.
  • Stamina is how quickly characters recover from intense physical activity, this is the Action bars regeneration stat.
  • Mind is a measure of your alertness and mental capacity. A player with a higher Mind is better able to tackle complex technical tasks. It is the stat directly represented in your ham bar and is the amount of Mental damage you can take before being incapacitated.

Focus is your character’s effectiveness in concentrating on mental activity. It is the stat that determines how much of the mind pool you use for abilities that require Mind expenditure.

Willpower helps you recover from expenditure of mind. It is the regeneration stat for the mind pool.

Where to put my stats?

There are several things to consider when deciding how you want to distribute your stat points. There are things that can alter your stats, such as armor encumbrance. So if you are planning on wearing heavy armor you will want to make the appropriate adjustments in your secondary stats, which is where the encumbrance is taken from. You can also get buffs, which enhance the values of your stat pools. Doctors can enhance your Health and Action pools, Dancers your Mind and Musicians your Willpower and Focus. Chef foods can also alter all of the above but to a slightly lesser degree than the other professions.

Next you want to consider what profession you will be playing. If you are going to be an entertainer of some sort, high action would benefit you the most since the flourishes use action. Likewise you would probably want high quickness and stamina so you can regenerate these faster. If you plan on playing a medical profession you will want high mind (and mind regeneration) since this is the primary stat used to perform your procedures (Image design uses mind as well for alterations). For combat the choices are more dependent on how you plan to play. If you do not plan on getting hit much but using a lot of special attacks you may wish to have a high mind or action pools.

Stat Migration

Fortunately the system is built with a way to change these stats when you get more experience with the game and have a better idea of the specific distribution you want to have.

Based out of the need and desire of people to mold and change their bodies Image Designers are granted the ability to change stats for players. Image designers not only specialize in altering the body shape, color, markings, hair and alien special features, they excel at changing your physical condition (stats) as well. Generally it’s a pretty easy process.

First you will want to find an Image designer. The first place to look if you are in Coronet, Theed or Bestine, is at the image designer tents located in these cities. The one in Coronet is on the outside of the Shuttle Port Park only a short walk from the star port. In Theed it is near the cantina, and likewise in Bestine. Alternatively you can find an image designer by using the community search function in-game and Choosing Image Designer from the search options to see if any are near you.

Once you are with an Image Designer you must group with them and the process takes at least 10 minutes.  First you will negotiate with the Image Designer over the cost.  Once you have agreed on the cost using the ID service window, you should open up your character sheet window (Ctrl-C) and click on the “Stat Migration Button”.  The stat migration window will open up and you will see all of your stats and they will have corresponding sliders.  Move the slider back and forth to adjust your stats.  The numbers will rise and fall based on the position of the slider.  At the end of 10 minutes, the session will end and your stats will be adjusted to the levels you set them at.   Be careful not to accidentally close the window.  If you do, the Image Designer will have to start the session over from the beginning and it will require a full 10 minute session.

It should be noted that this is a general guide intended to help those that do not have experience with stats or are new to the game. Your experience and personal play style will have a great effect on your decisions as to what stats you want.

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