Founding Principles, Rules & Expectations

Our goal at Relics might be a little different from some other servers.

These days it seems a lot of servers are concentrating on an imaginary race to create new planets, add items that were never in the real Star Wars Galaxies and create custom content that is quickly forgotten by their players. And honestly, this is fine. SWGEmu is an open source project and people are free to take it and do with it as they please.

But those of us who created Relics of Corbantis felt something was being overlooked – the community. I’d reckon many of us were fans of SWG over games like World of Warcraft not because of the graphics or game mechanics, but in large part because of the people we played with. Both friends and rivals made the game what it was. It is with that in mind that we launched Relics.

So if you’re looking to play on shiny new planets or battle roaming giant zombie battle bosses, other servers might be a better fit.

But if you’re looking to make some friends, battle night after night with fierce adversaries and enjoy the things that made SWG so endearing in the first place, we’re the place for you.

Founding Principles

When discussing plans for Relics, we settled on four founding principles that would help guide us make decisions about the direction of the server. These ‘four pillars’ help us make informed decisions that make sense when looking at the larger picture.

The pillars are:

Community – The heart of Star Wars Galaxies has always been its community – making it very different from the MMOs that followed. Every second in SWG is not spent in the quest for loot. It was intentionally built in a way to require interacting with those around you. Other servers have forgotten this. We have not. And this community interaction is at the cornerstone of everything we do at Relics.

Respect of Tradition – We aren’t pretending to be game developers. You aren’t going to find lore-busting ‘dungeons’ full of giant biker zombies here. Instead we will try to stay as true to vanilla Pre-CU as possible, while taking advantage of some of the underutilized cool features and items available. Changes will be made to either to enhance the private server SWG experience or plug holes in legacy problems.

The Jedi Situation – ‘Keep Jedi rare … but don’t touch mine’ was as much a mantra of gamers in 2003 as it is now. Our plan is to provide fun alternatives to Jedi that are easier to obtain. If you have your heart set on a Jedi that is fine. But others will be drawn to our Bounty Hunter Guild, Galactic Civil War Ranking System for non-jedi and the Guardian of the Whills profession.

Saga of Relics – A regular feature of Relics will be server-wide events announced in advance. These events will put our players in heroic situations with their actions directly influencing the outcome and the next chapter. At Relics you’ll fight side-by-side with many of the heroes of Star Wars, and perhaps become one yourself.

Other Rules

Please keep the following in mind when playing on Relics.

Move Along – Keep in mind this game is being run and is designed by amateurs. Please be patient.

That’s No Moon – If you discover a bug or potential exploit, please report it to Relics Staff privately or via the Support room in Discord as soon as possible.

Only You Could Be So Bold – Taking advantage of a bug or exploit – whether reported or not – is a bannable offense. As is actively hacking the game client to gain an unfair advantage or bypass game mechanics. Ignorance – or feigning ignorance – is not a viable defense. Known bugs will be tracked in our development documents.

These Aren’t the Droids – By and large we have no tolerance for drama. We view the game and the server as an escape from reality, and there’s no better way to destroy that then to bring BS petty stuff into the game. With that said, we do enjoy in-game drama and will do our best to create tense and exciting scenarios for our games to play through. Fun drama = good. Stressful drama = bad.

Wretched Hive of Scum & Villainy – We consider your game account directly linked to your Discord nickname. As such, your Relics server login name and Discord nickname should be very similar if not identical. Unrecognized accounts will be deleted with little warning. Also, make sure to pay attention to important news and updates and maintain an active Discord account on our server.

No, There Is Another – Only one account per IP address is allowed by default. If you have more than one person in your household playing on Relics, please contact a member of the Relics Staff before the second account is created.

Into the Garbage Chute, Flyboy! – Make sure to stay up-to-date on anything posted in the Announcements channel in Discord.

Scruffy-Looking Nerfherder – Mean spirited personal attacks, harassment or personal threats will not be tolerated.

Short For a Stormtrooper – Playful banter, however, is very different and not a problem. We’d also consider this server 18+, as adult themes and language can and will be used. And anything said in the heat of the moment should be taken with a grain of salt.

Your Lack of Faith Disturbs Me – The game mechanics are what they are and we do not intend to regulate legitimate game play. Kill stealing? Well it wasn’t yours to begin with. Mechanics dictate the group that does the most damage gets credit for the kill. Now if you move and a group follows you, that’s different. But staking a claim of an area is a legitimate tactic. Triple incapping? Certainly not nice, but that’s how the combat system is created.

Let the Wookiee Win – Any fightclubbing, kill trading or arrangements to negate Player vs. Player mechanics is strictly prohibited.

Do. Or Do Not. There Is No Try – PvP in any form (including BH vs. Jedi and Jedi vs. Jedi) is prohibited during events unless the event is confirmed by Relics Staff as a PvP event. Special rules and regulations might be put in place. Failure to follow these rules after a warning can result in a temporary ban from the server and harsh actions taken upon your character.

You’re All Clear Kid – Above all else, have fun and forget the real world for a while!

When In Doubt …

Follow Wheaton’s Law.


Relics of Corbantis