Rebellion Brings Talus Back From The Brink


With Talus on the brink of falling into Imperial hands, the Rebellion rallied and were able to stave off an invasion of their stronghold in Nashal.

Rebel forces worked tirelessly since their defeat on the outskirt of the city to turn Nashal into a fortress. Turrets were placed at strategic locations both in the city and along the hills overlooking the river and main travel route to Nashal.


Imperial forces were overwhelmed from the beginning and didn’t muster enough manpower to break into the city, let alone threaten the high ranking Rebel official using the city’s hotel as a base of operations.

With the victory the Rebels have pushed the fight back to just outside Nashal.

The previous battle at the location proved to be one of the most ferocious and evenly matched in the fledgling Galactic Civil War yet, with other battles so far having swift and decisive victors.

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