Mutant Leviasqualls Seen Throughout The Galaxy

Rumors have been circulating the galaxy that a mad Imperial scientist has unleashed a bizarre creation from his lab on the galaxy. Reports are coming in from Naboo, Tatooine, Talus, Rori and Corellia that exceptionally large leviasqualls are roaming the wilderness, and even wandering into cities and outposts.

Luckily the large rabbits seem to be relatively docile.

A note was left at the first confirmed location of the gigantic bunny outside the starport in Narmle, Rori.

“By now you have found my creation,” the letter said. “And if you are competent in the least you have found others located in major cities. Fourteen other such terrors can be found throughout the inhabited worlds of the galaxy. You’ll find the next southwest of the city many bounty hunters use as their base of operations.”

Stay tuned to this report, as it will be updated when more information becomes available.

UPDATE: Holonet received two anonymous tips about the location of previously unfound mutant leviasqualls. One is believed to be on Naboo, northeast of the most sacred of spots to the Gungans. Another is almost due east of Wayfar and south of the Lars homestead.

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