Jedi Forms

Skill Points

One of the great things about Jedi before patch 9 was the feeling of truly starting from scratch as you learned to use a lightsaber for the first time. With the advent of the Village system, this feeling of being a “new born” player was lost, with players able to rely on their other combat skills to get them out of trouble.

Unlocking a Jedi should be a sacrifice. From an RP point of view, your character is throwing away their old life and going down a path that should be challenging and fraught with danger. This is the price for wielding the ultimate power in the galaxy.

To this end, Force Sensitive skills on Relics cost no points. When unlocking you are still required to train 6 full lines before starting your padawan trials.

However, the padawan box will cost you 225 skill points. If you are taking the first step toward Jedi, your character needs to be completely invested.

Novice Jedi boxes cost 5 skill points each, with the first box of each branch costing 1 skill point.


Another historic problem with Jedi was the lack of variety in their makeups. Because of how the trees were structured, Jedi felt they HAD to go with certain cookie-cutter templates or they wouldn’t be effective. You could have your heart set on being a Powers Jedi, but the game let you down. Ditto for the type of lightsaber you used in a given situation, often switching back and forth from fight to fight – instead of focusing on and mastering one style of lightsaber.

To fix this, Relics is using the concept of Jedi lightsaber combat forms to create distinct combat styles within Jedi by moving fourth generation lightsaber certifications to the master boxes of the Healer, Defender, Powers and Enhancement trees. The forms are:

Shii Cho – Way of the Sarlaac (Master Lightsaber)
The first form a Jedi learns, teaching them the basics of lightsaber combat. This is the form all others are based on, and Jedi on Relics master this form by completing the lightsaber tree. More info:

Soresu – Way of the Mynock (Defender – 1H Lightsaber)
This passive, defensive form relies heavily on defense and deflections as opposed to aggressive attacks. More info:

Djem-So – Way of the Krayt Dragon (Powers – Double-bladed Lightsaber)
This form preaches all out attack at the expense of defense, with victory achieved through fear and intimidation. More info:

Niman – Way of the Rancor (Enhancement – 2H Lightsaber)
The lack of emphasis on a distinct style makes this form perhaps the most practical. This form gives a Jedi the option of being offensive or defensive as best fits the situation.  More info:

Ataru – Way of the Hawk-Bat (Healing – 1H Lightsaber)
An aggressive form that seeks to outfit an opponent, controlling the flow of the fight. It provides cover for weakness of physical ability. More info:

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