Getting Started At Relics

Thanks for your interest in Relics of Corbantis!

To get started, follow the quick and easy steps below and you’ll be beginning your adventure on Relics in no time!

Registration, Discord & Rules

  • Make sure to read our Rules & Expectations before joining, and brushing up on changes we have already implemented is also probably a good idea. Both pages are updated regularly. Also, once you’re in Discord make sure to read anything and everything posted in the Announcements channel.
  • Join our Discord server. Please make sure your email address is verified and change your nickname to reflect your Relics persona.
  • Very Important! Your Discord name and Login Name need to match. Unrecognized login names (i.e. not visible in Discord) will find their accounts deactivated with little or no warning.

Installing SWG & The Relics Launcher

  • Install the original Star Wars Galaxies onto your computer. Make note of where you installed – you’ll need it later.
  • Download and save the Relics of Corbantis Launcher to your hard drive. The easiest option is to just download the .exe file (other files are for more advanced users).
  • Navigate to the .exe file, double click on it and install.
  • After installing, the Relics Launcher will open. The Play button should be greyed out. Click ‘Settings.’
  • First, select the folder you would like the Launcher to install files to. This should be separate from your SWG folder. By default the launcher installs to C:\SWGRelics.
  • Click ‘Install from SWG’ and navigate to the folder that contains your SWG installation (this might be C:\SWGEmu if you have played on Basilisk).
  • The Relics launcher will install custom .tre, customer Relics experience files, and config files you might need.
  • If you would like, you can go back to ‘Settings’ at this point and chance some other optional settings or download the Better Music Mod (totally worth it). We suggest changing FPS to 60 and RAM to 2 GB (the highest the client can use – welcome to 2003). The zoom setting is really only helpful for screenshots.
  • You can also click the ‘Game Settings’ button at the bottom to change SWG client settings. For example, setting your game’s resolution, skipping the ‘Intro Sequence’ and more.
  • ‘Play’ should now be available. Click it!
  • If you are having any problems with the launcher, right click on the Desktop icon and change it to ‘Run as Administrator’ under ‘Properties’ and ‘Compatibility.’
  • Enter your Discord login name as your Username and pick a password. Remember the password!
  • Remember: One account per person, three characters on that account. If you have multiple members of your household playing, let Relics Staff know before creating additional accounts.

If you are having trouble, Dakk has taken the time to create a walkthrough complete with screenshots to help you along. You can also ask for help in the Support Discord channel.

That’s it!

I Created My Character … Now What?

While we’re here, some quick information about playing on Relics …

  • Unlike other servers, player cities are the heart and soul of our server. So you won’t find players hanging out in Theed, Coronet or Mos Eisley. Check out the ‘Cities on Relics‘ page for more info about our player cities.
  • We have a galaxy-wide chat channel called ‘Relics’ that is tied into our Discord server (it’s really cool!). To join it, right click on your chat tabs, ‘Join Chat Channel,’ expand Relics Of Corbantis and click ‘Join’ with ‘Relics’ highlighted. Next, click the tab you’d like to display Relics chat in and ‘Modify’ it to include Relics.
  • You should be provided with everything you need to get started when you login – additional credits (60,000 total), survey tools (including wind to gather energy), a speederbike deed and, of course, a melon.
  • Improved, 40 percent Kinetic newbie Chitin armor is available for cheap on a vendor in the Twin Suns, Tatooine mall. This armor should be able to hold you over until you can afford a set of Ubese or Composite. If the vendor is getting light on armor, contact Relics Staff in Discord.
  • Buff terminal are available at starports across the galaxy. They’re provided as a safety blanket for when buff bots aren’t available. While these buffs are good enough to go kill some stuff, Doc and Entertainer buffs will always be better.
  • If you’re looking to buy something, check out the Relics Vendor Directory first. You can also ask in chat.
  • If you have any questions please feel free to ask in Discord. If you need official help, there is a Support channel. Make sure to tag @Relics Staff on any important matters.
  • If you would like to publically declare your allegiance to either the Empire or the Rebellion (and get a red or blue name to match), use “.role Imperial” or “.role Rebels” in Discord.
  • Have fun and remember Wheaton’s Law at all times!

Relics of Corbantis