Glowy to Knight – Jedi Roadmap on Relics

So you’ve completed the village and ready to start the Padawan trials. Now what?

First, the information below is intended to be a quick, high-level view of what to do focused on a couple of unique factors at Relics. For more in-depth information, read SonGouki’s guide from the old SWG forums.

Good question – because there are a few things you need to know.

Glowy Through The Village

  • Become ‘glowy’ and had a visit from the Old Man.
  • Travelled to the Village and unlocked at least six lines of force sensitive skills.
  • Trained at least six full lines of force sensitive skills (which cost zero skill points).
  • Gotten your second visit from The Old Man.

Mellichae Through Padawan

  • Complete the Exit Quest by defeating Mellichae. You’ll likely need some help.
  • Start the Padawan Trials. Great info about them on the SWG Wiki.
  • Remember you can always go back to a shrine to reacquire one of the trials. This is especially helpful if you are sent to Rori to talk to an NPC that likes to spawn in the floor of a building.
  • Very Important! Before mediating at a shrine after your last trial, make sure you have 225 skill points available. If you do not, you will not get the Padawan box.
  • Head to a force shrine. Kneel and meditate. You’ll be given the Padawan title and a robe.
  • The command /findMyTrainer tells you where in the Galaxy your secret Jedi trainer is.

Padawan Through Knight

  • You’ll need to get Jedi XP before you can train any of the Novice Jedi skill boxes.
  • Each Novice skill box requires 5 skill points to train. It is recommended you get Novice Lightsaber first (hopefully you knew that).
  • The first row of skill boxes cost 1 skill point. Boxes above that, including Master boxes, are free. So Lightsaber Tactics I costs 1 skill point. Double-bladed Lightsaber I costs 1 skill point. Tactics II costs zero. Master Lightsaber costs zero. So all told the entire Lightsaber tree costs you 9 points.
  • You have enough points to Master two of the five Jedi skill trees, with two branches of a third.
  • Fourth generation lightsabers have been moved from Master Lightsaber to the Master boxes of other trees.
    • Master Defender: 1H Lightsaber certification
    • Master Healer: 1H Lightsaber certification
    • Master Powers: Double-bladed certification
    • Master Enhancement: 2H Lightsaber certification


Quick word on visibility. Ultimately how careful you want to be when it comes to visibility is up to you. You could easily fill this entire space on theories and beliefs around visibility in SWG.

To me, at the end of the day what you need to know is very simple.

If you don’t want to be on the Bounty Hunter terminals, don’t use any Jedi skills in front of other players or NPCs.

If you want to be super careful, and maybe roleplay a bit, don’t have your saber or robe equipped in front of other players or NPCs.

Keep in mind that visibility disappears over time, so a mistake usually isn’t the end of the world. Full visibility to zero visibility takes approximately 21 days.

Knight through the Force Ranking System

  • Jedi will need at least two complete lines in Jedi skill trees, and 24 skill points spent on Jedi skill boxes to become eligible for the Knight trials.
  • When you become eligible you’ll receive a dialogue pop-up box in-game telling you to find the correct force shrine on a given planet. Kneel, meditate and when you find the correct shrine you’ll receive information about what you need to accomplish.
  • The trials have been untouched by Relics. This handy guide lists what the trials are, and where you can find the correct mobs to kill.
  • Once you kill the Giant Krayt Dragon you are perma-overt immediately.
  • The Force Ranking System is currently disabled. It will be added at a later date (when work is complete on the system by the Emu team).


Relics of Corbantis