Galactic Senate

One of the things that makes Relics different from other servers is a sincere belief that we’ll grow through our community.

For us, an important aspect of this is letting all players know their voice is heard, and the Galactic Senate offers another avenue for that dialogue.

Make no mistake, the Senate isn’t being created to distance Relics Staff from the players, but instead help provide more support to the community. All players are still free to contact Relics Staff privately or publically. But now they also have the option of talking to another player.

Senate Selection

After some thought and consideration, we have decided to tie the Senate directly to the player cities of Relics.

Since the server launched, player cities have been central to the Relics player experience, and it only makes sense to connect the leadership of these cities to the Senate.

So now when a player declares residence in a city, they are essentially casting a vote for the Senate.

The mayor of each rank four city with a shuttleport is eligible to join the Senate. They also have the option of having another player take their place.

Role & Responsibilities of Senators

  • Attend Senate meetings as needed.
  • Be a leader in the community and a shining example of the virtues Relics was built on.
  • Act as a point of contact for players who reside in their city.
  • Represent the ideas, thoughts and suggestions of players from your city.
  • Act as a ‘Helper’ in Discord and in game, providing guidance and support to all players.

Fun Stuff

Let’s just say Senators make juicy targets. So in addition to their out of game responsibilities, Senators might also be used from time to time in events.

Relics of Corbantis Senators

  • Lillyanne – Twin Suns, Tatooine; Solleu Landing, Naboo
  • Harik – Ninety-Four, Tatooine
  • Progor – Tantive
  • Dakk – Galatorbria, Naboo
  • Otomaker- Land of the Lost, Corellia
  • Satnrb – NF Outpost, Lok
  • Riventek – Esandis, Tatooine
  • TBD – Mortem Solis, Tatooine
  • Reece – Talon, Talus
  • Ozsumi – Shinsengumi, Corellia
  • Cevla – Avalon, Dantooine
  • TBD – New Alderaan, Corellia
  • TBD – Compton, Dantooine
Relics of Corbantis