Galactic Civil War Ranking System

Please note, the following is a work in progress.

The Galactic Civil War ranking system creates an endgame PvP system for non-jedi in the Galaxy.

Similar to a Jedi’s FRS, players who join will be flagged as perma-overt and earn points by PvPing. As players a player advances through the ranking system, they will continue to become more powerful opponents, but also be worth more to other players also in the ranking system.

Features & Mechanics

  • Players who join are perma-overt.
  • Players can quit the GCW ranking system (system or just GCW), but they lose any perks associated with the tree.
  • The Rebel and Imperial ranking systems are separate.
  • To be eligible and train the Soldier rank, players must have the Colonel factional rank, Ranged Support IV in the Marksman tree, Exploration IV in the Scout tree and First Aid IV in the Medic tree.
  • Special GCW Recruiters allow players to enter and leave the system. These recruiters also train new system boxes.
  • When an overt player of the opposite faction is deathblown, GCW players receive GCW XP. Players who are not in the GCW and Jedi also give GCW XP if they are overt.
  • This XP is split among all members of the deathblowing player’s group within range.
  • Non-GCW players are worth 10 XP. Jedi are worth 100. Other GCW players are worth more the higher they are in the system.
  • Soldiers are worth 30. Major Colonels 50. High Colonels 75. Each consecutive box is worth 25 more experience, with Grand Moffs/Force Commanders worth 250 and capping at a Governor who is worth 300.
  • Each rank is also a title players can display.
  • Each faction can only have 3 Governors at a time. After reaching the required GCW XP, the three Supreme Moffs/Supreme Commanders with the most GCW XP will be Governor. Governors are picked from eligible candidates each Monday morning.
  • There is no GCW XP bleed. With the exception of Governor, players retain any boxes they qualify for unless they surrender the skill and quit the system. Governors lose the box if they are no longer one of the top 3 players for their faction in total GCW XP.
  • Major Colonel box costs 100 GCW XP. High Colonel is 1,000. Brigadier General is 5,000. Lieutenant General is 10,000. General 15,000. High General 20,000. Surface Marshall 25,000. Moff/Commander 50,000. Grand Moff/Force Commander 75,000. Supreme Moff/Supreme Commander 100,000. Governor 150,000.

A draft of the GCW Ranking System skill tree is available on Google Sheets.

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