Five Things New Relics Players Need to Know

Welcome to Relics of Corbantis! Here are five things you might not know as a brand new member of the server.

1 – Join the Galaxy-wide, Discord-connected Relics Chat

You read that right. Our galaxy-wide chat channel is tied directly to our Discord server. So players in-game and out-of-game can talk to each other. It’s awesome, and while the feature is open source and available to other servers to use, our very own Progor developed the application for Relics.

We recommend you add Relics chat to your Spatial tab so it is highly visible while you’re playing. To do so, right click on Spatial, click Modify Tab, highlight Relics and click the arrow button to move it to active in that chat tab. You might also want to click ‘Set As Default’ so you don’t need a slash command to talk in Relics. (The slash is /relics otherwise).

2 – We Don’t Spend A Lot of Time in NPC Cities

Relics has awesome player cities. And ever since we launched, our players have migrated to the player cities over the default cities. This can be confusing for new players who expect to see the entire server in Coronet. It just isn’t how we roll. And as a result we’re a bit more spread out.

Twin Suns on Tatooine is the ‘unofficial capital’ of the server, as the first city on the server. But we have a number of other great new player friendly cities on the server, especially on Tatooine, Corellia and Naboo.

Learn more about the cities of Relics. Almost all of them are always looking for new residents.

3 – Medical Service Terminals Are Your Friend

Outside each of the starports you’ll find Medical Services Terminals. These offer solid, but not world breaking buffs for 5,000 credits. Great for when you need to get into a fight quickly, or there aren’t any doctor or entertainer buffs available for one reason or another. But, those players provided buffs will always be better and last longer.

4 – Super Cheap Starter Armor Is Available In The Twin Suns Mall

To help you get on your way, server provided cheap Chitin armor is available in the Twin Suns Mall (on Tatooine) right next to the shuttleport in the city.

This armor should hold you over until you run some missions (which you can get 10 at a time) and have cash for a set of Composite or Ubese armor. The mall also has a number of other vendors with new player friendly items.

And since you start with 50,000 credits in the bank and a speederbike, those credits should be flowing in no time.

5 – The Cool Kids Hang Out In Discord

Our Discord server is the lifeblood of Relics. Along with our website, it is a vital source of information for all players, and provides a great way for everybody on the server to communicate with each other.

More than once we’ve heard the entire server feels almost like a guild, and Discord is a big reason why.

If you’re shy, that’s OK. At the very least make sure to read anything posted in the Announcements room and nosing through the Welcome channel as a new player will also probably help you out.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We have a done of awesome and helpful players on the server.

And remember … we won’t bite. Unless you ask.

BONUS THING – Missions & Groups

Not only are you able to take up to 10 destroy missions at a time, but our terminals are configured to limit the clicking you need to do – you are able to see the name of the creature you’re being asked to kill right on the terminal instead of some role-playing ‘spam.’

Groups are capped at 100. And the best doctor buffs available are always from a player city hospital (no droid needed).


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