Fighting Breaks Out on Talus

Shots fired!

For weeks the Empire and Rebellion have stared at each other across a river valley, with each side having a base less than 700m apart from each other.

Despite escalating tensions, all out fighting had yet to break out until an Imperial scouting party strayed too close to the Rebels base.

Without hesitation, Rebel forces opened fire.

Things escalated quickly from there, with both sides calling in reinforcements.

Now the planet is the latest battlefield in the on-going struggle between the two sides.

Despite being outnumbered, Rebellion forces fought valiantly, holding off the Imperials for more than an hour and a half. But fighting in memory of the fallen scouting parting, the Imperial forces ultimately pushed beyond the Rebel defenses successfully riding the Talusian countryside of the Rebel stronghold.

The Imperials now have their eyes squarely set on Nashal, in a bid to take the Rebel city and reclaim Talus.


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