Eyes of the Empire: Chapter I – Code Name Meridian

She swung her leg over the seat of her swoop.

She grimaced at the wound on her thigh, but it would have to wait. The seat positioned her in such a way that caused her head to ache worse than it already did.

Ugh, those blasted Gungans, she grimaced, dismounting from her swoop.

She changed her mind on her midnight hunt as she rubbed her aching neck, hoping with sincerity they got the sucker who did this to her. She blew the hair out of her eyes in frustration. Her bangs were starting to stick to her forehead from the sweat on her brow.

Glancing over at the ticket collector, she limped over to the kiosk and bought a One Way to the only other place that looked like it would have people awake this time of night.

The 94th.

Such a nice ride, she must have dozed during the uneventful flight. Her mind was fuzzy from sleep. They landed into a green lit fog, the air finally cooling.

The city was quiet, presumably asleep, except for a warm glow from the cantina. She was walking towards the entrance of Miss’Weki’s when she heard her datapad vibrate. She didn’t have to look to know who it was.

She slumped into a sitting position as soon as she entered the main room. Cresh Endo was practicing off to the side while Miss’Weki herself was performing on stage. Cresh was a promising talent. She watched the Twi’leks for several moments before summoning her droid. The droid beeped a few times as she helped tend to her owner’s wounds.

Suddenly a wookiee growled in frustration. No one likes to hear that sound, but she was used to patching up the fuzzballs so it didn’t phase her any longer. Progor grunted and thrust his datapad towards her. She set down her wound packs and looked at his settings, and pointed to the proper adjustment. He nodded in appreciation, and she smiled in relief. She didn’t want trouble.

Feeling much better, she glanced around and noticed another patron had some minor abrasions, so she tended to them as well. When she finally finished cleaning up after herself, she looked up and saw that Cresh didn’t look so great. She dug around in her medical bag and found some sub components she’d been messing around with back at the lab. Magrathea wouldn’t mind the pilfering in this instance, she was certain of it.

She busied herself as Cresh continued the conversation he was having with his friend not thinking anything of their banter.

“…Bio Engineer…”

Her head cocked to the side as if she had an implant (she wished!) and could hear better doing so.

“…I was going to finish up and then off one of my girls a few times…”

She shuddered and pulled up the schematic, quickly assembling the various things she’d need to help.

Focus and get back home, her brain looped.

“While the sacrifices are heavy, we fight knowing that a single spark of courage can ignite the fires of hope, and restore peace across the galaxy.”

She’d heard that quote somewhere and would pull it up in her mind every time she needed a boost.

Just a bit of bird protein and a little reactive gas for energy. She took a deep breath and applied the quickness enhancing pharmaceutical the Twi’lek entertainers loved so. She could instantly see the improvement on Cresh’s face. She was glad to help and almost forgot she had to get back, she was enjoying the music and dance very much.

She rose to leave, and turned and waved to everyone. She was sad to leave the lively room. Cresh bid her farewell as she turned the corner. The droid followed its master obediently to the shuttleport and then paused to upload quickly before boarding. She lowered her eyes in silence as she retrieved her datapad, confirming the upload. She replied to the waiting message with no sender.

Mission complete, the Rebels do indeed have Bio Engineered technology.

Standing by for further orders.

Mnemon deleted the message and smiled to himself. Meridian had done well.

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