Elite Group Rescues Tusken Hostage

What started as a routine trip to the Outer Rim turned into anything but normal for Governor Jekurra. The high ranking Imperial official was on his way to an undisclosed location when his shuttle developed mechanical problems above Tatooine. After trying to fix the problem, him and his crew were forced to land outside the outpost known as Wayfar.

Dispatched to investigate the shuttle’s emergency landing and retrieve the Governor, a platoon of sand troopers was surprised to find it abandoned and tracks leading back toward the town.

“A group of troopers went to investigate in Wayfar when they were ambushed by a large numbers of Tusken Raiders,” an Imperial Security Bureau spokesman said.

The troopers were able to report back seeing the Governor briefly before he was dragged into a building in the city, before never being heard from again.

“With limited resources on that forsaken rock, we contracted a paramilitary group already stationed on the planet to fight their way into Wayfar, eliminate those dirty sand creatures and rescue the Governor,” the spokesman said. “Luckily they were able to rescue the Governor and not face the wrath of our dear Emperor.”

Governor Jekurra is said to be well, suffering only minor abrasions and bruising. He is currently resting on his home planet of Naboo.

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