Coordinated Attacks Plague The Galaxy

From core world planets like Corellia to Naboo and Tatooine, citizens of the galaxy have been reporting seemingly simultaneous attacks on major cities and strongholds by enemies of the Empire.

On Naboo a splinter cell of Gungans attacked and held the city of Keren for many hours, while Tuskens fought their way into Mos Espa taking control of the city. Jinda Ewoks were smuggled into Coronet before attacking the city. And Jabba’s the Hutt’s gamorrean henchmen showed the reach of the thug’s organization by attacking Kor Vella.

Perhaps even more extraordinary, rare creatures have also been attacking citizens and cities, culminating in a flock of krayt dragons venturing far from their traditional territories to decent on Bestine. Mutant Leviasqualls, King Mereks, Acklay, Gorax and enormous Peko Pekos have been reportedly seen in and around cities.

One Imperial officer, on the condition of anonymity, expressed a belief the giant and powerful beasts were somehow being lured to the city.

More information will be provided as it is available.

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