Cities on Relics

Looking for a place to settle down and plant your roots on Relics?

Below is a list of player cities currently on Relics and a little about each one to help you make your decision. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Mayor directly. You can also visit the Recruitment Office in Discord.

First, some quick background about cities in general on Relics of Corbantis:

  • Master Politician costs no skill points and is freely available to any character. Just ask in our Support Discord channel and a member of Staff will hook you up.
  • City ranks are 6, 9, 10, 12 and 15 residents. This is tied to our max number of characters per account, so it takes just two people to have an outpost and four for a city with a shuttle.
  • After placing your city hall you have one week to reach 6 total residents. A word of advice … put down your five houses first, then place your City Hall just to make sure.
  • The city updates and withdraws maintenance once a week. Overall city maintenance is cut in half.
  • City specializations are also half price.
  • When you have enough citizens for a shuttleport you can request your city to be instantly upgraded. Once again, post in the Support channel and admins will get to it as soon as possible.
  • You receive 10 trainers and 10 decorations per city rank.
  • You are currently unable to build on Dathomir, Yavin IV or Endor (like live).
  • House type restrictions are also in place (i.e. can’t build a Naboo house on Corellia).
  • Each city is given a free ‘city perk’ to help give it some unique character. If you create a new city, please contact Mnemon to talk about options.
  • We also plan for other special amenities to be allowed in cities for a hefty donation to the Empire. For example faction recruiters, bounty hunting spynet agents, junk dealers and potentially interplanetary travel.

New to the server? Love Tatooine? Like to craft? Twin Suns is your friendly, neutral, crafting destination!

In addition to zero property taxes, the city currently has Manufacturing Specialization designation, a well stocked Vendor Mall catering to all players, plus a cantina, shuttleport, garage, bank, cloning facility, and player hospital for added bonus to doctor buffs! Mayor Marigold is generally available for new player assistance.

As the first player city on Relics, Twin Suns was established as a ‘server city’ and welcomes all citizens.

– Marigold
Mayor, Twin Suns

Name: Twin Suns
Location: Tatooine | 2460 4100 | NE of Mos Entha
Specialization: Manufacturing Center
Affiliation: Neutral
Mayor: Marigold
Accepting New Residents: Yes
Founded: May 2017

The City of Tantive is looking for Rebel-aligned freedom fighters to join our ranks.

As an Improved Job Market on Dantooine, we make sure to have an entertainer, doctor and solo group available at all times to help provide a high level solo grouping experience.

The city also features a cantina mall and other city amenities for crafters and warriors alike.

– Boondaga
Mayor, Tantive

Name: Tantive
Location: Dantooine | 4860 -3330 | NE of Pirate Outpost
Specialization: Improved Job Market
Affiliation: Rebel
Mayor: Boondaga
Accepting New Residents: Yes
Founded: May 2017

The Rebel City of Lights on the edge of the civilized world.

Ninety-Four isn’t just a fully self-contained city, with lots of cool streetlamps (though, it is all of that, too). On the edge of the desert, near the ancient Krayt Dragons, it offers both peace and opportunity, all in a package suitable for the richest smugglers in the universe.

The city boasts a museum, vendor mall, parks and plenty of room to create a space for yourself.

Come to Ninety-Four and enjoy the good life on Tatooine.

– Pyro
Mayor, Ninety-Four

Name: Ninety-Four
Location: Tatooine| -3300 -4600 | Bestine/Anchorhead/Wayfar Triangle
Specialization: Research Center
Affiliation: Rebel
Guild: Ninety-Fourth
Mayor: Pyro
Accepting New Residents: Yes
Founded: May 2017

Veterans of Valcyn, more commonly known as VoV, is the resurrection of Galatorbria Rori on the live SWG server Valcyn.

Our city is now comprised of citizens from a great many former galaxies – representing a wondrous vehicle to move us closer to achieving our goals of a united and helpful community of citizens.

So, if Naboo is the only home you would ever consider and/or you are a merchant who wants to feed off our Improved Job Market for new players then we invite you to come join our family friendly community just South of Theed, where all the trainers and citizens will be glad to help you.

– DakkValcyn
Mayor, Vets of Valcyn

Name: Vets of Valcyn
Location: Naboo | -5820 3150 | South of Theed
Specilization: Improved Job Market
Affiliation: Neutral
Guild: VoV
Mayor: DakkValcyn
Accepting New Residents: Yes
Founded: June 2017

Nestled in the heart of the planet’s central grasslands, Solleu Landing is one of the jewels of Naboo.

Named after the river that feeds the great waterfall in Theed, the city sprung up along the shoreline of one of Naboo’s many great lakes as a haven for members of the imperial guild NITES.

The city features a prominent Imperial garden in it’s city square, with major buildings and residential areas named after Dark Lord’s of the Sith both present and past. To help craft the goods, weapons and armor needed to defeat the Rebellion, the city was named a Research Center.

– Mnemon
Mayor, Solleu Landing

Name: Solleu Landing
Location: Naboo | -1170 2790 | Southwest of Keren
Specialization: Research Center
Affiliation: Imperial
Guild: NITES
Mayor: Mnemon
Accepting New Residents: No
Founded: June 2017

Come visit our little desert oasis on the planet Lok.

Snuggled in the far south of the planet, NF Outpost provides an easy ride to many of the planets points-of-interest and the Imperial Outpost. The gurk king is also a short swoop ride away from town.

The Outpost is also a neutral, Improved Job Market city where all are welcome. We have no taxes for you to pay and all the facilities necessary to provide for the needs of our citizens.

If you are looking for a place to settle on Lok, look no further than NF Outpost. We look forward to seeing you.

– SatNRB
Mayor, NF Outpost

Name: NF Outpost
Location: Lok | -300 -3200 | East of Imperial Outpost
Specialization: Medical Center
Affiliation: Neutral
Guild: Ninety-Fourth
Mayor: SatNRB
Accepting New Residents: Yes
Founded: July 2017

Name: Land of the Lost
Location: Corellia | 1590 0 | Just North of Lord Nyax
Specialization: Medical Center
Affiliation: Neutral
Guild: Ninety-Fourth
Mayor: Otomaker
Accepting New Residents: Yes
Founded: July 2017

Founded by award-winning decorator and full-time career mayor Riventek, Esandis is more than a city: it is a living, thriving vision of urban planning and development.

Esandis features dozens of gardens and a city layout that encourages immersion over efficiency, and neighborhoods over row houses. Harvesters and factories are required to be hidden behind large dunes to keep the pristine views of the Dune Sea a constant calming reminder that you are somewhere truly special.

When you’re done relaxing in the gardens and the golden sands, head inside Club Phoenix (named “Best Cantina in the Galaxy” by the Emperor himself!) for a drink. Also be sure to check out the Merchant Hall, a shopping experience unlike any other vendor mall in the galaxy.

Esandis is home to the neutral guild LIGHT, and welcomes Imperials, Rebels and those who would rather stay out of it. It is convenient to Fort Tusken and features all major city services, trainers and mission terminals (including both factions). An Improved Job Market means missions of all types started in Esandis will pay extra.

– Riventek
Mayor, Esandis

Name: Esandis
Location: Tatooine | -5250 6000 | West of Fort Tusken
Specialization: Improved Job Market
Affiliation: Neutral
Guild: Light
Mayor: Riventek
Accepting New Residents: Yes
Founded: July 2017

Mortem Solis is recognized as the Imperial Hub of Tatooine due to our faction bases and central intelligence for Imperial PvP. Even though we are a faction city, we welcome all neutral citizens in addition to Imperials. A free small house will be given to every new citizen.

Conveniently located near the Jawa Vs. Tusken and Krayt Graveyard points-of-interest, we offer a great leveling up and end-game experiences. Our around the clock entertainer and doctor buff crew are the best in the galaxy due to our city being the only Medical Center specialty.

The city was master planned so you do not need to use a speeder bike to travel from building to building. City amenities include: a public mall with vendor stall openings, all of the class skill trainers clustered by type and accessible from a speeder bike, shuttle port, cantina, clone facility, bank, and medical center. Please contact Uncle on discord or in game to join our city.

– Uncle
Mayor, Mortem Solis

Name: Mortem Solis
Location: Tatooine | 5800 4350 | West of Fort Tusken & Krayt Graveyard
Specialization: Medical Center
Affiliation: Imperial
Guild: None
Mayor: Uncle
Accepting New Residents: Yes
Founded: July 2017

Name: Talon
Location: Talus| -5140 4340| Northwest of the Imperial Outpost
Specialization: Improved Job Market
Affiliation: Neutral | Bounty Hunter Haven
Guild: Well Played
Mayor: Reece
Accepting New Residents: Yes
Founded: August 2017

Name: Avalon
Location: Dantooine| -5660 7150 | Southeast of the Force Crystal Hunters Cave
Specialization: Research Center
Affiliation: Neutral
Guild: Well Played
Mayor: Cevla
Accepting New Residents: Yes
Founded: August 2017

Shinsengumi is a firmly entrenched in the service of the Emperor. We serve as an island retreat for members of Empire and loyal citizens alike where they can relax and unwind on our sandy palm shaded beaches, or enjoy an evening at the Fantasy Island cantina.

Enjoy our tax free exemption status and free housing for veterans. Those dedicated to a craft will be glad to know that as a satellite campus of the Imperial Institute of Higher Studies, Shinsengumi has been designated as a research center.

– Ozsumi
Mayor, Shinsengumi

: Shinsengumi
Location: Corellia | -1480 -5500 | Southwest of Coronet
Specialization: Research Center
Affiliation: Imperial
Guild: None
Mayor: Ozsumi
Accepting New Residents: Yes
Founded: August 2017

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