Battlefield Events

The Battlefield series on Relics are campaign-style PvP events, where players from both factions square off across a battlefield in an attempt to destroy their opponent’s base and ultimately claim the planet as your own.

Setup & Objective

Imperials and Rebels each claim a city as their stronghold. Two opposing bases are placed in the middle of the two strongholds. These bases have a mix of both ‘normal’ faction NPCs and enhanced ‘Crackdown’ faction NPCs.

Players will fight to destroy their enemies base. Instead of slicing terminals, the enemies base will be destroyed when their factional NPC boss (a Dark Trooper or Rebel Liberator) is killed at the bottom of the base. Fighting will last approximately two hours, with a warning being given before the ‘final engagement’ of the event.

In the event of a draw, fighting will resume at the same location for the next event. Otherwise, the winning side pushes the fight closer to their enemies stronghold for the following event. Winning and moving closer to the enemies stronghold will result in more ‘difficult’ factional NPCs being spawned with the base – making it progressively more difficult to win.

The final victory for either side will be fought in the streets of the stronghold.


  • Cloning centers, buffs, a bank and factional recruiters will be available on the battlefield.
  • All participating players are required to be Special Forces (no combatants).
  • Although terminals are provided, players are free to buff themselves as well.
  • Bounties are not allowed during Battlefield events unless declared OK in advance (yes … we will try allowing bounties at some point and see how it plays out).
  • Factional guards are provided at the cloning center to discourage clone camping. Players active in the fight are prohibited from using the guards as cover (i.e. no parking a Squad Leader or healer right next to the guards so they can’t be engaged).
  • Squad Leaders must be on the battlefield.
  • Otherwise normal game play rules apply.
  • Please arrive early. Fighting will begin promptly at the scheduled time.

War on Multiple Fronts

Talus was the spark that ignited the galaxy. Imperial and Rebel forces are now working hard to establish footholds on other worlds.

Each campaign will take place on a different planet, with events being held at different times to cater to players of different play times.

After fighting is complete on the secondary planets, each campaign will move to a primary planet. Lok fighting will shift to Tatooine. Rori fighting will shift to Naboo. Talus fighting moves to Corellia.


The winning side will be honored in their stronghold city as the victors, and receive a special ‘Defeated the [Faction] at the Battle of [Planet]’ badge. Players who participated on both sides will also receive special loot bags.

Battlefield: Talus (Wednesday, 9 p.m. Eastern)

  • The first battlefield event.
  • Imperial Stronghold: Imperial Outpost
  • Rebel Stronghold: Nashal
  • Coupled with Corellia
  • After a weeks long stand-off, Imperials and Rebels began fighting on the planet after an Imperial scout mission strayed into enemy territory.
  • Imperials answered the call in greater numbers than Rebel fighters. However, the Rebellion fought valiantly, keeping the Empire at an arm’s length for a good period of time.
  • Imperial victory, however, was inevitable. They were able to take down the base’s defenses and fight claim the first victory in the Battle for Talus.
  • Fighting outside Nashal was much more competitive. However, the Imperials ‘technological’ advantage allowed them to outlast the Rebellion forces and destroy the last barrier between them and taking Nashal.
  • The next fight will be in the streets of Nashal with control of the planet on the line.

Battlefield: Lok (Friday, 11:59 p.m. Eastern)

  • Imperial Stronghold: Imperial Outpost
  • Rebel Stronghold: Nym’s Stronghold
  • Coupled with Tatooine
  • Imperials continued their GCW dominance and carried the day on the strength of superior numbers. Only a skeleton Rebel force appeared.
  • The victory pushed the fight to the outskirts of Nym’s Stronghold – the Rebel base of operations on the planet. If the Imperials win again, fighting will occur in Nyms. If the Rebels win, the fight moves back to the center point.

Battlefield: Rori (Saturday, 1 p.m. Eastern)

  • Imperial Stronghold: Restuss
  • Rebel Stronghold: Rebel Outpost
  • Rebels were able to secure their first victory in the GCW on Rori, successfully blowing up the Imperial forward base.
  • In fierce fighting, the Rebels continued their roll, and defeated the Imperials outside of Restuss.
  • The next fight will take place in the streets of Restuss. If the Rebels win again, they will have achieved victory on Rori and fighting will move to Naboo.
Relics of Corbantis