Acolyte of Imprisoned Mad Scientist Attacks Talon, Talus


Seeking the immediate release, an acolyte of the captured and imprisoned Mad Scientist attacked Talon, Talus last night.

Going by the name Atreauxia, the acolyte demanded the Mad Scientist be immediately released from Imperial Security Bureau custody. While the attack was thwarted, the orchestrator was able to escape capture or kill, and fears are running rampant across the galaxy that future attacks are imminent.

“Perhaps more troubling,” a member of ISB who wishes to remain anonymous said, “is this Atreauxia … person … not only appears to be trained as a Jedi, but was also some how able to control large, powerful mutant creatures similar to the Mad Scientist.”

“And we have no idea how they’re creating or controlling these monstrosities.”

The attack on Talon featured perhaps the most frightful monster so far – a giant rancor nearly the size of Talon’s city hall.

“Not only was it huge,” the source said, “but it was able to poison and disease those sent to dispatch it.”

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