A Disturbance In The Force

Lord Vader is not pleased.

First a small band of Rebels penetrates Imperial security to steal sensitive data on Scarif.

Then, presumably, that information is used on a daring attack that resulted in the Death Star getting blown to smithereens.

And now, not even hours into his latest retreat to Mustafar, he felt what is becoming an all-too-familiar sensation.

A disturbance in the force, signaling another galactic citizen has discovered the ability to control and manipulate the force.

His instinct is backed up by reports from Naboo of a new warrior wearing Padawan robes.

Not pleased at all.

So now it’s time to take the usual steps. He certainly can’t personally deal with ever ping in the force. He has help for that.

Besides, he still needs to investigate that kid from Tatooine – the one who inexplicably made an impossible shot from his X-Wing.

The Bounty Hunters and his latest batch of Inquisitors can investigate this newest disciple of the force.

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