Fighting Breaks Out on Talus

Shots fired!

For weeks the Empire and Rebellion have stared at each other across a river valley, with each side having a base less than 700m apart from each other.

Heros Save Mortem Solis From Being Overrun with Krayts

Fear continues to grip the galaxy after reports of another wild beast attack on a settlement.

This time krayt dragons of many sizes attacked the Imperial city Mortem Solis on Tatooine. They were accompanied by a bizarre group of overly large jawas. Authorities are still speculating about whether the jawas were somehow controlling the gigantic lizards, or if they were working in tandem to attack the city.

Hosting the Galaxy

Miss’ Weki’s Bar and Buffs played host to the galaxy this evening, as spectators flocked to the cantina as part of the Emperor’s cantina design contest.

Relics of Corbantis