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Bloodlust: Part I

The flight from Tatooine lasted 3 long days. Xynnaria wasn’t used to being cooped up for such a long stretch of time.

Gungan Army Occupies Theed & Keren

There is chaos in the streets of Theed and Keren this evening!

The gungan army, claiming atrocities at the hands of the Empire, have occupied parts of the two cities.

Elite Group Rescues Tusken Hostage

What started as a routine trip to the Outer Rim turned into anything but normal for Governor Jekurra. The high ranking Imperial official was on his way to an undisclosed location when his shuttle developed mechanical problems above Tatooine. After trying to fix the problem, him and his crew were forced to land outside the outpost known as Wayfar.

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Five Pillars of Relics


The heart of Star Wars Galaxies has always been its community - making it very different from the MMOs that followed. Every second in SWG is not spent in the quest for loot. It was intentionally built in a way to require interacting with those around you. Other servers have forgotten this. We have not. And this community interaction is at the cornerstone of everything we do at Relics.

Respect of Tradition

We aren't pretending to be game developers. You aren't going to find lore-busting 'dungeons' full of giant biker zombies here. Instead we will try to stay as true to vanilla Pre-CU as possible, with changes made either to enhance the private server SWG experience or plug holes in problems in the original experience.


One of the biggest obstacles to a fun and vibrant server is the lack of balance among combat classes. Our aim is to make each combat profession a viable contributors to a group, making a variety of play styles available to their fans. And to do this not by swinging a nerf bat, but enhancing classes with historic problems.

The Jedi Situation

'Keep Jedi rare ... but don't touch mine' was as much a mantra of gamers in 2003 as it is now. Our plan is to provide fun alternatives to Jedi that are easier to obtain. If you have your heart set on a Jedi that is fine. But others will be drawn to our Bounty Hunter Guild, Galactic Civil War Ranking System for non-jedi and the Guardian of the Whills profession.

Saga of Relics

A regular feature of Relics will be server-wide events announced in advance. These events will put our players in heroic situations with their actions directly influencing the outcome and the next chapter. At Relics you'll fight side-by-side with many of the heroes of Star Wars, and perhaps become one yourself.

Planned Features

Guardian of the Whills

Guardian of the Whills

After mastering pikeman and teras kasi, players can choose to become a member of the elusive Guardians of the Whills and continue progressing the character through a pyramid with each box giving added combat, healing and meditative benefits. Although not Jedi, these force sensitive players are formidable opponents.

Bounty Hunter Guild

Bounty Hunter Guild

Deep in the woods of Endor, an enclave of Bounty Hunters has setup camp for their work with anybody willing to pay their fee. Master Bounty Hunters on Relics will be able to join the organization of top professions in the galaxy, and improve their characters as they progress up the food chain.

GCW Ranking System

GCW Ranking System

One of the more exciting features we’re working on is the Galactic Civil War Ranking System (GCW-RS). Very early on in a player’s Relics journey they’ll be able to pick a side in the epic fight between the Empire and Rebellion and earn perks and rewards by PvPing against their arch rivals.

Jedi Forms

Jedi Forms

There have always been two big problems with Jedi in SWG. Overpopulation and a dependence on only a couple flavor of the month builds. Reaching into Star Wars canon, we will make some changes to Jedi based on their ancient forms of combat that we believe will breathe life into new and varied templates among Jedi on Relics.

Representative Senate

Representative Senate

As part of our commitment to community, Relics will feature a Galactic Senate comprised of the guild leaders of leading guilds on the server. The Senate will act as an advisory board for Relics Staff and act as a conduit for ideas, opinions and the pulse of the server. It will also provide some fun fodder for events. Senators have been warned.

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